Last updated 1 July, 2018

Principle and statement of intent

In line with the Early Years Organisation’s (EYO) policy statement on admissions, at Bumbles Day Care we admit “children from all cultural, religious and financial backgrounds and also welcome children with disabilities and learning difficulties”.

At Bumbles Day Care we are committed to promoting equality of opportunity by providing activities which are open to all children and their families. We aim to ensure that all individuals who wish to work in Bumbles as staff or volunteers have an equal opportunity to do so.

Bumbles Day Care provides all round day care to children between the ages of 12 weeks and 11 years in the following settings:-

  • Bumbles 1, Day Nursery – open from 7.45 am to 5.45 pm (Monday – Friday) and registered to accommodate a maximum of 52 children at any one time.
  • Bumbles 2, PlayStation and Kids Club – open from 1.30 pm – 5.45 pm term time and 8.00 am to 5.45 pm during school holidays. PlayStation is registered for 16 children and Kids Club for 32 children.

Waiting list

Our waiting list is not necessarily operated on a first come, first served basis. Parents can place their child’s name on our waiting list at the pre-natal stage if they so wish, but places will not be allocated according to the length of time their child’s name has been on this list in the first place, but whether a place is available in the appropriate age group.

Where all things are equal and more children want places than are available, the following admissions criteria will apply:

  • Priority will be given to those children who have siblings already at Bumbles Day Care
  • Priority will be given to children requiring full-time rather that part-time care, when full-time places are available
  • Priority will then be given to a child who has been on the waiting list for the longer period of time

A child whose name is not on the waiting list but who falls within the categories below may also be offered a place:

  • Child referred by Social Services, Health Visitor or other Health Care Professional
  • New families within the areas
  • Child who has special needs
  • Child from cultural groups not familiar with nurseries


We ask prospective parents to complete an enquiry form on our web page, If we are able to offer a place we encourage parents to come and view our setting, meet the staff and children and discuss their childcare requirements. They will then be required to complete a registration form and a Parental Consent form. This will include as well as the child’s details:-

  • Name, address and contact numbers of all parents/carers
  • Information about any health issues or medication;
  • Parental consent for general activities

At Bumbles Day Care, we recognise the importance of keeping in close contact with parents in order to meet the needs of each individual child most effectively. Parents are the most knowledgeable people about their children and are also their first and most influential educators.