Adverse Conditions / Winter

Last updated 1 July, 2018

Principle and statement of intent

Bumbles Day Care considers that during severe weather conditions, e.g. snow, flooding or if there is a power/heating problem, the health and safety of children, parents/carers, staff and volunteers will be our main priority.

Bumbles has implemented this policy to ensure management and staff, have the appropriate authority to exercise powers and carry out certain actions for which they are personally accountable. Bumbles Day Care wants to ensure that health and safety is of paramount importance at all times and does not want to endanger children, parents/carers, staff, volunteers or any persons.


To ensure this policy is implemented appropriately, the staff will:

  • Consult with the Managing Director prior to any decision being made about closing the setting due to adverse weather conditions or health and safety issues.
  • Notification will be given to parents/carers as soon as the decision has been agreed to aid minimal disruption.
  • If the leader in charge/manager is unable to open due to the conditions and possible staff shortages, the management team must be notified and they will assist with contacting families to minimise disruption.
  • If applicable, consult with local primary schools.

Employee Options

The management team maintains the policy of remaining open during bad weather, unless the severity of conditions within the locality makes opening the setting too dangerous. During severe weather, you have no automatic legal entitlement to remain at home on full or reduced pay. Instead, you have the following options available to you:

  • Annual leave. If you’re unable to attend work, you may choose to take this time as annual leave.
  • Unpaid leave. An alternative is to take this time as unpaid leave. If you do this, your annual leave allowance will remain unaltered.
  • Flexi-time. If you work flexi-time, you may use any extra hours already accrued to cover your period of absence. If you choose this option, you must have sufficient hours to cover at least one full day’s absence (amend as necessary).
  • Overtime. Depending on the nature of your job role, it may be possible to make up this time, e.g. to work an extra hour a day. If you wish to pursue this as an option, you should discuss it with your line manager first.


You are expected to telephone your Line Manager the evening before or at the very latest by 7:30am on the first day of absence, to let Bumbles Day Care know if you are going to be delayed, or unable to attend work. You should also be prepared to explain what efforts you have made to get into work.


It is the responsibility of line managers to ensure that payroll has been notified as to the nature and duration of any leave, which has been taken. This needs to be done as soon as possible.