Team 4


Last updated PRINCIPLE & STATEMENT OF INTENT Bumbles Day Care is committed to providing a professional and quality service to safeguard children placed in our care. Our dedicated staff team recognise that they are in a relationship of trust with the children in our care and are committed to abiding […]


Last reviewed Principle and statement of intent Your normal hours of work are detailed in your Statement of Main Terms of Employment; it is your responsibility to ensure that you attend punctually for work and follow all timekeeping and absence procedures. In order to help us maintain optimum service levels, […]

Time in lieu

Last updated Principle and statement of intent Bumbles Day Care recognises that a flexible approach to the arrangement of working hours supports operational efficiency whilst ensuring personal circumstances of employees are taken in to account. On occasions, the hours worked by Bumbles Day Care employees may exceed contracted hours. This […]

Termination of employment

Last updated Principle and statement of intent By You – If you wish to resign, you should do so in writing giving such notice as is specified in your Statement of Main Terms of Employment. By Bumbles Day Care – You will be entitled to receive from Bumbles Day Care […]

Statuatory time off

Last updated Parental leave You are entitled to (unpaid ) parental leave as follows if you: Are a parent of a child born or placed for adoption on or after 15th December 1999 – If you have 1 year’s service with Bumbles Day Care you are entitled to up to […]

Staff induction

Last updated Principle and statement of intent At Bumbles Day Care the management team will normally carry out a 2 week induction for all new staff and volunteers. This ensures that every member of our team is fully aware of Bumbles’ Vision, Purpose and Values, our Policies and Procedures, our […]

Social media, email and internet security

Last updated Principle and statement of intent This policy applies to all Bumbles Day Care staff including its director, contractors, part-time and fixed-term employees, secondees, temporary staff, casual staff, agency staff and volunteers. This policy does not form part of your terms and conditions of employment and Bumbles Day Care […]

Shortage of work

Last updated Principle and statement of intent Every attempt will be made to ensure your continuing employment in the event that Bumbles Day Care is faced with a shortage of work situation or is unable to provide you with work for any other reason. However, this could include temporarily placing […]

Rules and procedures

Last updated Principle & statement of intent It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the following rules and procedures. Any breaches will result in disciplinary action including dismissal. If you have any concerns or require clarification on any issue(s), please raise them with management. Bumbles Day Care may need […]