Child and adult illness

Last updated 30 September, 2019

Principle and statement of intent

In formulating this policy re refer to the following principle:

U.N Convention on Rights of the Child article 24 states that – “Children have the right to be as healthy as possible, live and play in a safe healthy unpolluted environment and benefit from preventative health care and education”
At Bumbles Day Care we are committed to the health and wellbeing of the children in our care, our staff and the parents/carers and visitors who come to our setting. By putting an exclusion policy and procedures into place we aim to cut down the spread of infection and therefore the amount of illness, which can affect those attending the Day Nursery, PlayStation and Kids Club.


Exclusion of sick children / staff

Children who are unwell with an infectious disease should not attend Bumbles Day Care. Parents are required to sign a form whereby they agree with Bumbles Day Care Policy and Procedures, for the exclusion of sick children. The Manager ensures that all parents/carers sign this exclusion contract for their child/children. This is vital to minimise the spread of infection within the setting and has been effective since 1st April 2007.

Parents and staff members are provided with exclusion times for common infections. The HSC Public Health Poster – Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other Childcare settings is displayed in both Bumbles 1 & 2 settings.

Upon registration, we check with parents to make sure that the child’s immunisation schedule is up to date. Once the child is attending Bumbles, it is important that parents let us know if any additional vaccinations are being given so records can be updated.

Even with the preventative measures such as good health promotion practices and immunisation, infections are very common among young children who are still in the process of developing immunity to the many viruses and bacteria that cause them.

In the best interests of your child and the other children and staff at Bumbles, children should not attend when they are sick. Should a child become ill whilst in our care, we would contact parents/carers and ask them to collect their child as soon as possible. Parents should therefore consider the type of back up service to Bumbles they can arrange should their child become sick.

First aid

In accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, amended 1990, Bumbles provide a First Aid kits. A First Aid box is located on each floor of the nursery and in each of the PlayStation and Kids Club rooms. A travel First Aid Kit is also carried by staff on outings with the children. Anyone who uses an item from the First Aid box should replace it immediately from our store of extra supplies or advise the manager to restock that item. It is the Manager’s responsibility to check the contents of the First Aid box on a regular basis and restock if necessary. A booklet giving basic information about First Aid procedures is kept in all First Aid boxes. A First Aid manual is also kept along with the First Aid kit.

A list of staff holding current First Aid Certificates is always on display on our notice-boards.

First Aid should only be administered by a member of staff holding a current First Aid Certificate.

Any incident involving First Aid treatment, however minor, must be recorded in the Accident/Incident Book of the appropriate group and shown to the child’s parents as soon as possible, for their signature. The Manager or Deputy Manager must also be informed of any incidents involving First Aid treatment.

Dealing with sick child / medical emergency

If a child becomes ill whilst at Bumbles and it is deemed that they are too unwell to stay, the parent(s) or other appropriate person (as indicated on the registration form) will be contacted and asked to collect their child as soon as possible.

Should a more serious incident or accident occur, the parents must be contacted immediately, so that the child can be taken to the doctor or hospital as soon as is possible. If the parents or a person named as an emergency contact on the child’s registration form cannot be contacted, the nursery staff will act in locus parentis and take the child to the appropriate place for treatment, while attempting, at regular intervals, to contact the parents/carers. On registration consent is given to transfer a child to hospital either by staff car or ambulance, whichever is most appropriate.

In the event of a serious accident occurring at Bumbles Day Care, it is also the Manager’s/Deputy’s responsibility to inform the registering social worker.

Dealing with sick adult / medical emergency

If a member of staff takes ill and is deemed too unwell to continue working they will either:

  • Make their own way home
  • Arrange for another member of staff to escort them home
  • Contact a relative to come for them. (A next of kin contact is recorded on our First Steps Management system)

On return to work after a prolonged infection period, staff may be asked for a ‘fit to return to work’ certificate from their doctor.

Recording of infectious diseases

If any child in our care contracts an infectious disease, all parents would be informed by placing a notice on the entrance doors and notice boards. Parents/carers should notify Bumbles immediately if a child is off due to illness or becomes ill with an infectious disease whilst they are on holidays from Bumbles.

In the case of German measles being present in the group, any mothers who may be pregnant should also be advised to consult their doctor. If there was an outbreak of meningitis or swine flu, advice would be given by the Department of Public Health Medicine, depending on the type of meningitis/flu.

Our staff team are trained to spot signs of illness and how to deal with them. However it must be pointed out that Bumbles staff members are not medically trained to diagnose illnesses, but give an honest opinion that a child is not well.

Parents are asked to be vigilant when it comes to letting us know that their child is unwell and what illness has been diagnosed by a medical professional. This way we can keep a record and try to ensure we minimise the risk to others.

If a child appears unwell when they arrive with parents/carer’s or it is reported that the child is unwell, they will not be allowed to attend Bumbles Day Care for that day or for the relevant amount of time, which will be indicated in the exclusion procedure table.