Parental Agreement

Dear Parents

We are pleased that we at Bumbles Day Care are in a position to provide you with emergency essential child care for your child during this period of uncertainty. We understand that you are a front line key worker and that you have no other childcare alternative.

If you can arrange alternative childcare then please let your child(ren) stay at home.

In order that we can ensure to operate safely during this difficult time we have put several additional health and safety measures in place for all of us – our staff team, their families, the children in our care and their families. We need to ensure that you are aware of all these measures and that you will adhere to all of the requirements.

To summarise – our stipulations are as follows:

  1. Your child may only attend Bumbles as long as you, your child or anyone in your household remains asymptomatic. If this is not the case – your child cannot continue to attend Bumbles.
  2. You agree to carry out all safety protocols before arriving to drop off or collect your child.
  3. You ensure that when dropping off and collecting your child that you maintain a safe social distance – minimising the risk of spreading infection. You should phone Bumbles on 02890645545 when you arrive outside and stay in the external area – wait and one of our team will come out to either collect your child from you or bring your child to you.
  4. You agree to adhere to / or agree with information detailed in the 4 documents highlighted above.

[form declaration to be inserted]