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The policies and procedures which govern our practice have been carefully developed in accordance with both legislation, (Children (NI) Order 1995) and best practice as determined by the Early Years Organisation and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS).

The HSSPS Early Years Standards July 2012 (amended Oct 2018) is the document which lays out all the minimum standards which must be in place within our settings.

Find out the latest information and advice for Parents and Carers from the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland on how to report a concern.

Our policies are reviewed regularly and where necessary updated and any changes implemented. All parents and team members will be advised (usually via email and / or our digital app) when changes have been made or when new policies have been added. When this happens, parents and all members of our team will be asked to log on to our website to read the relevant change / update and submit an acknowledgement to confirm they have done so.

It is a requirement of our registration that policies are provided and that parents and all members of our team acknowledge that they have read and agree with the content therein.


Please find below a list of all our policies. These have been reviewed regularly throughout 2020 to update in line with Covid 19 protocols. Please see individual review and update dates at the top of each policy.

When you are happy that you have read and understood all the below, please complete our acknowledgement and consent form.

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