Principle and statement of intent

Bumbles Day Care does not provide a babysitting service outside of our operational hours. However, we understand that sometimes parents/carers will approach staff to babysit their children and this policy has been implemented to provide clarification on some points regarding any private arrangements that are made between staff and parents/carers.

Bumbles staff members are not permitted to approach parents and offer their services for babysitting.

Bumbles will not be held responsible for any private arrangements that are made and are not liable for any health or safety issues that may arise from these private arrangements.

Bumbles has a duty to safeguard all children whilst on our premises and in the care of our staff, but this duty does not extend to private arrangements between staff and parents/carers outside of Bumbles hours of operation

If a parent/carer should decide to employ current or past employees for babysitting, it is their responsibility to ensure the suitability of the individual concerned and also of anyone accompanying them.

Out of hours work arrangements must not interfere with a staff members employment at Bumbles

Confidentiality of employment must be adhered to and respected at all times.