Covid 19 Protocols

Increased measures during Covid-19

In order that we can ensure to operate safely during this period, we have put several additional health and safety measures in place for all of us – our staff team, their families, the children in our care and their families. We need to ensure that you are aware of all these measures and that you will adhere to all of the requirements.

The following documents / protocols were drafted in March 2020 and were emailed to all our returning team members and families in June 2020.  They continue to be reviewed regularly, in line with Government guidelines by our management team and there have been many updates.  All updates have been communicated via Famly or Email to all members of our team and to all our families

We continue to require all members of our team and all our families to acknowledge and agree to adhere to all current protocols in place:

  1. COVID 19 Risk Assessment.
  2. COVID 19 Procedures.
  3. Staying Safe @ Bumbles.
  4. Contamination Prevention @ Home.
  5. Action Plan: Suspected Coronavirus.
  6. Collecting children from school
  7. Nursery information
  8. Wraparound information
  9. Camp information