Display and Celebration

Principle and statement of intent

This policy should be read in conjunction with Bumbles Equal Opportunities Policy and all displays and celebrations should reflect the content of this policy.

Displays should be all inclusive and should not be able to cause offence or make anyone feel uncomfortable to include staff, volunteers, parents, children and any visitors to Bumbles Day Care,

Displays should be appropriate to the season / time of year and should be reflective of activities provided at Bumbles Day Care. This can include:-

  • Photographic evidence of activities undertaken together with a sign, caption or outline of the activity. Any photographs should be bold and have impact and should be printed on appropriate paper to ensure display looks fresh.
  • Children’s own artwork – again bold signs and captions / additional decoration can enhance the display.
  • Children’s own art work and some adult-led artwork.
  • Children’s 3D work. i.e. not all displays have to be flat – this can incorporate a display table featuring junk art items / clay models etc.

Displays should be placed at an appropriate height so that the children can readily see and enjoy their work.

At no stage should the need to “create a display” or “to send something home” detract from the attention given to the children in our care. Therefore, consideration should be given to the type and amount of art activities, ensuring that there is a balanced approach to all areas of development.

Backdrop to displays

The backdrop of any display should be neat and tidy and should have an appropriate border. Where possible the backing paper should compliment the intended display. When renewing a display area care should be taken with regard to removal of blue tac, staples, cellotape to ensure minimal damage. Ideally changing displays / backdrops should be carried out at a time when children are not in the room.

Areas for displays

Each Play Room has specific Display Boards which should be used. In addition other areas such as the wooden cupboards / doors can be used to promote different activities at different times but the main door (hall side) for each room should include:-

  • The name of the particular group and a welcome sign.
  • The staff on duty in the room on a daily basis.
  • The ratio provided.
  • Specific activities that are to be provided that day / week.

Generally, the wallpapered areas of rooms should not feature artwork as when artwork is removed the paintwork is damaged and over time this can begin to look unsightly and it can be difficult to keep up with touching up the paintwork!

Window displays

Generally windows should not be used as part of displays at Bumbles. Any items to be placed in windows need to have impact both inside and out. The use of blue tac / small items placed on a window have little impact outside and if all rooms do this it can look untidy and unattractive. The use of cellotape on PVC frames is not permitted as this can be left for some time and is difficult to remove.

Hanging displays

Each room has a hanging wire for displays where artwork can be clipped. Thought should be given to the size of the artwork, i.e. not too low so as to cause a hazard to staff / parents.

Rotation of displays

Generally all displays should not be up longer than one month. However, a display area may feature rotating photographs which illustrate activities and therefore the backdrop does not always need to be changed.

In some instances, displays should be taken down quickly after the event. E.g. Notices about visits / decorations for one day events such as Valentines Day / pancake Tuesday and indeed some of the items that make up a display should go home as soon as possible, e.g. items such as Mother’s Day Cards / Easter Cards etc.

Removal of displays

A display board should not be left empty for any length of time. Displays should not be taken down unless there is something ready to replace it the next day.

Artwork removed from a display can either be sent home or can be placed in a child’s folder. All artwork that is kept should be named and dated with the day/month/year.

Care should be taken to properly remove staples / blue tac / drawing pins or celloptape so as to cause minimal damage.

Communal area displays

There are various areas where children’s work can be displayed other than their main play room.

  • Main Hallway
  • Stairwell
  • Front Hallway Notice Board opposite stairwell
  • Bay Landing Notice Board / Bay window area can be used as a display table
  • Stairwell towards Office
  • Top Landing


At Bumbles we aim to show respect for and awareness of all major events in the lives of the children and families who attend our Day Care and in the wider community / society.

Without indoctrination we aim to acknowledge festivals celebrated by both families in our local community and the wider society through stories, activities, diets, costume and music which reflect the diversity of life.

As appropriate, our displays can illustrate various festivals and celebrations throughout the year.


Photographs taken of children and activities at Bumbles or whilst on outings should be printed as soon as possible after the event and these photographs should be used to illustrate what the children have been doing by using them as apart of a display. In order that they have maximum impact the following should be considered:-

  • Size of photographs – not necessarily all the same size / shape
  • Captions / headings to be used
  • Quality of paper
  • Other items which may enhance the display e.g. quotes of what the children said / an explanation of the activity / a description of the outing

Displays can be started in advance of an activity and the display can grow as children complete various aspects i.e. not just photographs or artwork but a combination of both.

When photographs are removed from a display they should be dated and placed in the appropriate child’s Yellow Folder.

Should a parent request copy photographs then these can be e-mailed to the parent. At some point a folder will be created on the computer for each child which will contain photos throughout their time with Bumbles and this will be presented as a CD to parents when the child leaves Bumbles.

All photographs should be taken with your I-Pad and then uploaded to each child’s file as appropriate on My Nursery Pal. Photos for display purposes should be sent electronically to the office printer and I-Pads must have all photos deleted weekly.

Any spare photographs or old photographs found should be placed in the appropriate child’s folder or given to the office and not kept in individual rooms.