Fire and evacuation

Principle and statement of intent

The standards and principles take into account:-

HSENI (The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland) states – all employers in Northern Ireland have a legal duty to make the workplace safe and eliminate or control risks to health.

The Fire & Rescue Services (NI) order 2006, Part 3 & The Fire Safety Regulations (NI) 2010 state – that the employer/owner has a responsibility to ensure the workplace or premises and the people who work or visit there are kept safe from fire and its effects.

At Bumbles Day Care the health, safety and welfare of all our children and staff are of fundamental importance. We will promote fire prevention and safety and ensure that in an emergency staff and children are familiar with Bumbles evacuation procedures. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Emergency Policy.


To comply with fire safety regulations the following will take place:

  • Regular fire risk assessments will be carried out in the Nursery, Playstation and Kids Club. This will include:
  • Weekly test of the fire alarm system
  • Checks of electrical equipment & sockets
  • Housekeeping – Bins are being emptied regularly and external bins are sited away from building, causing no obstructions.
  • Any flammable liquids are stored safely and securely.
  • Yearly service of the fire extinguishers (to be organised by the Manager)
  • Daily checks that there are no obstructions
  • Six monthly service of the Menvier automatic fire detection system (organised by the Manager)
  • Staff training
  • On commencement of employment and following any changes to the workplace, staff to be trained in what to do in an emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Annual training in the use of fire extinguishers.
  • All escape routes, fire doors and hallways to be kept free of clutter.


In the event of staff discovering a fire, the staff member should sound the alarm and then begin the evacuation procedure.

Fire Safety Manager / Fire Warden – This will be the role of Bumbles Manager and or Deputy Managers.

On hearing the fire alarm the Manager and or Deputy Manager should either go to the fire detection board or request a member of the ground floor staff to do so and determine the site of the possible fire. They should then investigate the area if safe to do so.

If they discover a fire they will telephone the Fire Brigade on 999 and give a contact name. The fire service may require the following information:

  • The full address of the premises:
    • Bumbles Day Care – 22 Knockbreda Road, Belfast BT6 0JA. Tel: 028 9064 5545.
    • Bumbles at Rosetta – Rosetta Primary School 21-23 Knockbreda Road, Belfast BT6 0JA. Tel: 028 9064 5545.
    • Bumbles by the Park – Cooke Centenary Church
  • Has the building been fully evacuated?
  • Are there persons missing? How many and what is their usual location?
  • Where is the fire? And what is primarily on fire?

The Manager or Deputy Manager will complete a sweep search, starting from the location closest to the suspected fire, if it is safe to do so. All areas should be searched and cleared including stores and toilets, ensuring all doors are closed to help contain the fire, especially fire doors on escape routes.

If it is safe to do so, close all windows.

The Manager or Deputy Manager will lift the keys of the setting and they should be the last person to leave the building.

At the assembly point, it is the Manager or Deputy Managers responsibility to do a final roll call.

When the Fire & Rescue Service attend the Manager or Deputy Manager should liaise with the senior officer and confirm status of the site and any significant risks


On hearing alarm, the Co-ordinator should ensure that all the children/staff in her group should return to the main play room, if safe to do so.
Children and staff who are outside, should remain outside.
The co-ordinator must account for children and staff against the room register, so it is important for them to know, if the group have been split into smaller groups for play and where the staff and children should be at any given time.
The Co-ordinator should then ascertain the best route for evacuation, depending on the location of the fire. There are fire escapes as follows:

Bumbles Day Care

  • Through the kitchen to back door
  • Front door
  • Fire escape in Bumbilos 1 or down front stairs using either back door via kitchen or front door
  • Fire escape in the Office or down front stairs using either back door via kitchen or front door

The route used may not always be your nearest exit but will be determined by location of fire and or the best route for the safety of children and staff.

Bumbles at Rosetta

  • If the school is in operation, then the following exit routes will be used: –
    • Kids Club 2 – use P1 door, which takes you directly to Rosetta Playground
    • Playstation & Kids Club 1 – use Kids Club door which takes you directly into Rosetta Playground
  • When school is closed then all rooms will exit using the Kids Club door into the playground unless it is not safe to do so, in which case all will exit through the school hall or the main corridor and out front exit (whichever route is safest).

The Co-ordinator must be the last to leave the room, doing a head count and closing the door as they leave.

On arrival at the assembly point the Co-ordinator must again account for all the children and staff against the room register and confirm to the manager that their room has been fully evacuated.

The Cook and the Housekeeper should help the baby room evacuate.
Baby room staff must ensure they bring the parents contact numbers (always located in baby room) to the assembly point.

Staff must not attempt to take any personal belongings.

Unable to leave premises

Stay near windows and keep as close to ground level as possible.
Put a wet blanket or equivalent at bottom of door.

Assembly Points

Bumbles 1 staff and children will assemble in Bumbles Car Park
Bumbles 2 will assemble in playground of Rosetta Primary

Staff and children must not return to the premises after an evacuation unless advised by the Fire & Rescue Service or the Manager. Once given the all clear to re-enter, the Co-ordinator must account for children and staff against the room register once back in their playroom.

During an extended evacuation of Bumbles 1 premises, children would be taken to Rosetta Primary School and kept safe until their parents could be contacted and the children collected. Likewise if the school premises are evacuated, children will be taken to the Bumbles 1 premises.

Accidental Alarm – resetting the system

Bumbles Day Care – Should the fire detection system go off by accident or need to be reset after a drill, the procedure is as follows:

  • Use the key in the fire detection box to silence the alarms
  • Turn the key to reset the system, wait a couple of minutes while system bleeps
  • Turn key to system energized
  • Replace the key

Any problems with the Bumbles 1 fire detection system, please contact:

Fire Safety Solutions on: 02890 452297

Bumbles 2 – any problems with the fire detection or alarm system then please contact Rosetta Primary School Caretaker – Mrs Patricia Haggan.

Fire drills

These will be carried out monthly at both premises, reviewed and recorded with details kept on file by the Manager.