Settling in

Principle and statement of intent

This policy has been formed following the guidelines and principles in the:

  • The Children (NI) Order 1995 – This specifies that the welfare of the child is paramount. The role and the responsibility of parents to care for their children is emphasised.
  • Department of Health & Social Services NI – Childminding & Day Care for children under age 12 Minimum Standards published July 2012.

At Bumbles Day Care we are committed to making a child’s settling in time a positive experience for both the child and the parent/carer. We recognise that all children are individuals and as such can have very different reactions when being separated from their main carer. Some will take it in their stride while others will find it a more difficult time. At Bumbles Day Care, we believe that it is essential that any new child is given the opportunity to settle in at their own pace, therefore the length of the settling in period, depends upon each child’s age, personality and past experience and no uniform period of time can be suggested which will meet everyone’s needs.

Our trained and committed staff team aim to provide your children with quality care and education in a homely, safe, stimulating and welcoming environment, making Bumbles Day Care a place for living, playing, learning and growing up in. At the same time, we recognise the importance of keeping in close contact with parents in order to meet the needs of each individual child most effectively.



At Bumbles Day Care we encourage all prospective parents/carers to visit and avail of a tour of the setting, an opportunity to meet staff and to ask questions.

On the first visit parents/carers will have the opportunity to provide staff with information on their child’s medical history, likes and dislikes, dietary requirements, interests and  all necessary contact numbers will be checked.  All information should be uploaded to our Famly platform and this should be checked to ensure that parents / carers are comfortable using the App.

Phased settling in period in Bumbles Day Care

Once registered our aim is to build up a child’s attendance at Bumbles  gradually in the week prior to the parents’ official requested start date for their child at Bumbles Day Care.

During initial visits a parent accompanies his/her child and stays with them during playtime for about 1 – 2 hours.  This gives everyone the chance to start getting to know each other.

Parents get a chance to see Bumbles in action and should feel free to ask as many questions as they like.

Children get a chance to start getting used to a new environment while they have the security of the parents’ familiar presence nearby.

As the child’s familiarity with Bumbles  increases we will suggest that the child is left alone at Bumbles, taking into account the individual wishes and needs of the child/children and parents in question.

We request that a parent is available at all times during this period to collect a child immediately if required, to the point where the child is ideally content to spend at least one full day by themselves at Bumbles, before their parent resumes normal working hours.

Please note:  During the Covid period, when parents weren’t permitted to come into our Day Care settings, our settling in periods were usually very quick and often were only a 1 day affair …. but again we would stress that this depends upon the individual child.

We hope that this gradual introduction to Bumbles Day Care will help children adjust as easily as possible to their new environment. Realistically, we  suggest that it can take up to 4  weeks before a child really feels comfortable throughout the day, even when they are tired. It is also not unusual for a child who seems well-settled at first to regress to wanting to stay with their parent or not come at all. This is also perfectly normal as children can initially be attracted by the novelty of new toys and the feeling that visits to the nursery are seen as special treats when their parents are with them. Once they realise that they will be coming every day, even when they feel tired or just “not in the mood”, the initial excitement and enthusiasm can fade. Parents/carers just need to be patient and work in partnership with the staff, to get through this unsettling time for everyone involved.

Settled In

Once children attend Bumbles on a regular basis, daily contact is maintained via Famly and also by staff and parents chatting to one another at the beginning and end of the day. Parents should feel free to phone anytime or to use Famly to pass on any of their own comments or information about their child and also feel free to speak to staff about any queries or concerns they may have.

At any stage during a child’s time at Bumbles, we welcome children bringing in any comfort object or special toy that helps settle them, this will be used as needed and if this is a toy please limit this to one appropriate toy.

Parents are free to come and go in Bumbles at any time. We just suggest that you take into consideration the fact that we like getting the children out and about on walks and to the park. Please message us via Famly to confirm your arrival and collection time each day.  This is particularly relevant when the weather is good and means that we could either postpone an outing until your child arrived or return earlier than planned in the afternoon, to accommodate you.

Requirements on commencement

Your child should bring their own labelled bag daily which should contain (if age appropriate) the following items:

  • Bibs if desired, however, Bumbles do provide bibs for feeding
  • Bottles and pre-measured formula / breast milk – bottles will be rinsed and sent home each day
  • 5 or 6 Nappies daily of your choice (age dependent). Please do not send in bulk.
  • Wipes of your choice. Please do not send in bulk.
  • Nappy cream of your choice eg sudocream or vaseline etc.
  • Teething gel or alternative
  • Dummy (if used)
  • Grow bag for sleeping (if used)
  • Teddy / comfort item / muslin for sleep (if used)
  • Complete change of clothes X 3
  • Sun cream should be applied before coming to Bumbles in the sunny weather but Bumbles to supply factor 50 (for sensitive skin) and this is reapplied throughout the day, as appropriate
  • Sun hat in the summer months
  • Weather suitable coat, hat and gloves and most importantly ……. welly boots!

Please note: Bumbles provide bibs, sheets, blankets, suncream and of course all food and drinks. 

If  supplies of nappies/wipes and nappy cream in your child’s daily bag run low the staff will ask for these items to be replenished and will often put a note on Famly to remind you. It is important that these items are topped up as soon as possible.

At Bumbles Day Care, we provide aprons for any messy activities which might stain clothing, but we would still suggest that parents dress their children in everyday, practical clothes which allow freedom of movement and are easy for the older child to manage when going to the toilet – jogging bottoms and leggings are a great idea!

A bag containing complete changes of clothes should be left on your child’s peg every morning and can be left until needing replenished. In the evening, we will ensure that any belongings needing to go home are ready for your arrival. Your child’s bag may contain wet or soiled clothes which have been rinsed appropriately and placed in a double bag (in line with our Health & Safety Procedures) or your child’s art work for that day etc. so we would therefore request that you ensure to check this bag every evening and, if required ensure that another change of clothes is available for the next day.

In the summer months, please ensure to come dressed for the weather with sun cream, sun hat and clothing that covers the shoulders

Progression through Bumbles Day Care

At Bumbles Day Care our staff team work together and also occasionally move around the rooms so that they get to know all the children who attend Bumbles Day Care and the children get to know all the staff. This can make the transition from one room to another easier for children to accept. However, any difficulties during a transition period will be managed individually with full support from Bumbles staff for the child and parent/carer concerned.