Principle and statement of intent

At Bumbles Day Care a transport service is offered which enables children to be left to and collected from school. In addition, we offer a holiday programme and organise outings in the local area and also to places of interest which involves using our own, and other forms of transport.

This policy was implemented to ensure that the health and safety of staff and children is of paramount importance at all times.


At Bumbles Day Care when using any form of transportation we will:

  • Carry out a risk assessment prior to any journey or activity being taken.
  • Ensure there is the required adult/child ratio.
  • Ensure parents have completed appropriate forms and given their consent.
  • Ensure that the vehicle in use is properly licensed, insured and has a current MOT certificate.
  • Ensure anyone driving the vehicle is appropriately qualified and insured.
  • Ensure everyone wears the appropriate seat restraints.
  • Ensure that a first aid box is on the vehicle.
  • Ensure that a working mobile phone accompanies staff during their time away from the setting in case of an emergency.