Fee Schedule


Fee Schedule 1st April 2016

Bumbles Day Care
Bumbles 1*** Bumbles 2
Nursery Playstation
(After Nursery School)
Kids Club
Kids Club
(Other Schools)
Weekly 190.00 145.00 90.00 100.00
Daily 43.00 N/A 19.00 21.00
1/2 Day 32.00 32.00 N/A N/A
Breakfast Club N/A N/A 2.00 N/A
Holiday Club Daily N/A N/A 35.00 35.00

***Bumblinos places are only taken on a 4/5 day Full Time basis***


Standard Monthly Amounts @ A Glance

Bumbles 1

of Days
Full Time Days Part Time Days
Daily Weekly Monthly Daily Weekly Monthly
Standard Monthly Rate = Weekly Rate X 52 / 12 months)
5*** 38.00 190.00 838.00 30.00 150.00 650.00
4 43.00 172.00 745.33 32.00 128.00 554.66
3 43.00 129.00 559.00 32.00 96.00 416.00
2 43.00 86.00 372.66 32.00 64.00 277.33

***Discount Applied for Full Time Attendance***

Bumbles 2

of Days
Playstation Kids Club
Kids Club
(Other Schools)
Daily Weekly Monthly Daily Weekly Monthly Daily Weekly Monthly
Standard Monthly Rate = Weekly Rate X 44 / 10 months (September – June inclusive))
5*** 29.00 145.00 638.00 18.00 90.00 396.00 20.00 100.00 440.00
4 32.00 128.00 563.20 19.00 76.00 334.40 21.00 84.00 369.60
3 32.00 96.00 422.40 19.00 57.00 250.80 21.00 63.00 277.20
2 32.00 64.00 281.60 19.00 38.00 167.20 21.00 42.00 184.80

***Discount Applied for Full Time Attendance***

Fee Information

  • A £100.00 refundable deposit together with a completed registration forms secures a place in Bumbles Day Care.
  • Fees are usually reviewed annually and parents will receive 1 month’s notice of any changes.
  • Fees are still payable when a child is absent due to sickness or holidays etc.
  • Extra days attended over and above normal registered attendance will be calculated in arrears unless advance notice is provided in which case they will be added on in advance.
  • The weekly rate is discounted. A discretionary sibling discount may be available where siblings attend on a full time basis. Discount is removed if attendance pattern is reduced.
  • Bumbles’ 1 fees are payable 52 weeks of the year.
  • Bumbles’ 2 fees are payable (September – June) 44 weeks regardless of attendance during holiday periods @ the normal rate.
  • Parents must inform Bumbles of the required FULL days at the start of September for the period: 1st September – 31st January and, at the start of January for the period: 1st February – 30th June. A Booking Form will be emailed for completion and return.
  • If Kids Club children attend FULL days during holiday periods: Hallowe’en, Christmas, MidTerm Break and Easter / Exceptional School Closure Days then the difference between the term time rate and the holiday rate will be added on per session. The full day rate during holiday periods is £35. Therefore, Rosetta will have an additional £16 for a full day session and all other schools will have an additional £14 session.
  • Children who do not wish to attend the full day during the! school holiday periods / exceptional closure days can still come in for the afternoon session as per term time. This must be confirmed in advance.
  • There can be NO REDUCTION for non attendance as Bumbles 2 continues to be in operation during these holiday periods / days of closure.
  • Summer attendance is optional but it must be booked by the 31st of May each year. A Booking Form will be available from mid May.

Payment Terms

Invoices are issued on the 19th of each month for the following month and all fees must be paid in advance by the last working day of the preceding month, i.e. Fees due for April must be paid in full by 31st March. Various forms of payment are accepted:

  • Cheques must be dated the 24th of each month, in advance of the next month and are lodged on the 24th of each month.
  • Bank Transfers must reach Bumbles Account before the last working day of each month, in advance of the next month
  • Vouchers must be authorised to reach the Bumbles account by the last working day of each month, in advance of the next month. If paying partially by voucher, then the voucher amount should be deducted from the Monthly Amount due and a cheque or standing order should be written / calculated for the remainder.
  • Cash must be received by the last working day of each month, in advance of the next month
  • Parents can pay the Standard Monthly Amount for the year, i.e. 1st April – 31st March or on a calendar month basis where the amount varies each month.
  • Bumbles cannot respond to requests for periods of reduced care / reduced fees