Health and Safety Statement

Last updated 1 July, 2018

The health, safety and welfare of all the people who work or attend Bumbles Day Care are of fundamental importance. We aim to provide a healthy, safe and stimulating environment in which to work and play. Good health habits that are developed early in life are likely to be continued, therefore it is our intention to promote a healthy diet for our children along with adequate rest and exercise and encourage good hygiene practices for both staff and children alike.

You are required to take all reasonable steps to safeguard your own health and safety, and that of any other person who may be affected by your actions.

You are required at all times to observe Bumbles Day Care policies on Health and Safety, Fire & Emergency rules and procedures.

If you become aware of any potential hazard or unsafe working conditions, you should have no hesitation in raising them with the Management Team.

Health and Safety documentation is available from the Main Office. It is your responsibility to read and understand this documentation.