No Smoking

Last updated 1 July, 2018

Principle and statement of intent

Bumbles Day Care is committed to creating healthy work environments which are free of smoke and protect the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors.

This smoking policy complies with The Smoking (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 and prohibits smoking on company premises and in company used vehicles. This policy applies to all staff employed by Bumbles Day Care. All contractors, students, volunteers and visitors to the premises are expected to adhere to the smoke free policy.

This policy refers to regular cigarettes, cigars and pipe, any other substance that contains tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are often said to be a safe alternative to smoking real cigarettes. However, The British Medical Association (BMA) stated that:

  • E-cigarettes should be included in the ban on smoking in public places.
  • There is a lack of rigorous, peer-reviewed studies to support the use of e-cigarettes as a safe and effective nicotine-replacement therapy.
  • These devices may also undermine efforts to prevent or stop smoking by making cigarette use seem normal in public and at work.

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the grounds at any time, by any person regardless of their status or business with the premises/company. This includes entrances, car parks, gardens, or any part of the premises owned or leased by Bumbles Day Care.

Employees should be aware that breach of this policy may amount to gross misconduct, may result in disciplinary action being taken against them and a possible sanction imposed may be their dismissal.

Employees are reminded that whilst Bumbles Day Care is responsible for ensuring strict compliance with this policy, all employees share in the responsibility for adhering to and enforcing this policy.