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Within our 4 settings we have created wonderfully welcoming environments where children can feel at home. The light, airy rooms provide the most excellent backdrops for our teams to set up exciting invitations to play and to implement child led plans.  Great spaces mean that our children have lots of room, both inside and out to have maximum fun!  Please select from the menu below to find out more about each setting:

Our Nursery setting has 4 groups in separate rooms , each appropriately equipped to ensure that all of the children in our care have endless opportunities to have fun, socialise, build relationships with one another and our grownups too. Our spaces are light, airy and invite the children to create, invent, explore, and much, much more.


With only 6 babies in our baby group, we believe that we can truly meet each child’s individual needs at this very early stage.  Aged between 4 – 14 months approximately, the staff / child ratio is 1:3. Separate rest and play areas allow babies’ individual sleep patterns to be met with each child having their own cot. This also means that we can ensure maximum play and fun for those who are awake!

As our babies’ interests and abilities change, the toys and equipment on offer are rotated to meet their ever increasing curiosity. Enjoying a very busy day in our Bumblinos means lots of different opportunities to explore and investigate are provided, ensuring that each child can reach his / her full potential.

Parents are required to provide nappies / wipes and baby’s milk.


It is while in the this room that your child will start to become more and more independent. Plenty of opportunities to encourage independence with regard to washing hands, feeding themselves, sitting socially with one another will be are provided. The staff / child ratio for the Bumbletots remains 1:3. Although dependant on the individual child, the usual age range is between 14 / 18 months – 2 years. There are 6 – 9 Tots in our group, thus making it an extension of our Baby room with all of the activities which were on offer in the Baby room still available.In addition, they now have more room and more opportunity to explore using their new found skills and increased mobility. They enjoy a routine based around morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack and once able are encouraged to sit round the table for meal times. They usually sleep between 12 noon and 2.00pm and enjoy a variety of activities following seasonal and monthly themes throughout the remainder of the day.There is an option for part-time care from this age group onwards, however, preference is given to those requiring full-time care. Minimum part-time options available are 3 full days or 4 mornings per week.Parents are required to provide nappies and wipes.


The middle floor, is home to our Bumbilos. Children are aged 2-3 years old and the staff / child ratio is 1:4.In this group, your child will continue to build upon all their newly acquired skills and once again, lots of opportunities to develop and learn new skills through play are provided.

A wide variety of activities are on offer in both their own room and other areas of the Nursery. For example, paint, sand and water are always available and the bay landing area on our 1st floor is a great additional space for stories.

The heart of every home – our kitchen – provides another area where our children can play with dough or clay and start simple cookery sessions e.g. making mini pizzas, decorating buns etc. Music and exercise sessions and lots of physical play, art and craft, imaginative play and heuristic play are some of the many activities on offer.

Our Settings

Our Settings

Whilst nappies and wipes are still required, it is in this group that potty training usually occurs. We liaise closely with parents to ensure as smooth a transition as possible from nappies to potty!


Our SettingsOur Settings

With a staff ratio of 1:4 for children under 3 years and 1:8 for those over, we cater for between 8 and 16 Bumbleers (pre-nursery school children).

Situated on the top floor of our nursery, the Bumbleers enjoy a house corner, story corner, builder’s construction area, plenty of arts, crafts, water and sand play.

Again, as with all our groups, we try to get out and about as much as possible. In this group we sometimes, (especially in summer) venture further afield and go to the Ormeau Park and the local libraries. We have also been known to visit St Georges Market on a Friday morning! During the summer we also get a chance to go across to our friends in Play Station in Rosetta Primary School and to play in the gym hall and the large field behind the school. Other visits to Streamvale Farm, Botanic Gardens and Ulster Museum usually form part of our busy summer months.

We love to welcome special visitors in our Bumbleer Room and we are always delighted when parents want to come in and explain their jobs or hobbies to the children. Bumbleers make wonderful audiences! We have regular visits from our local lollipop person, the police, the fire brigade, paramedi Kidz and sometimes to the farm comes too!

As we help our children to prepare for nursery school or playgroup in September, they become increasingly more independent and they learn about the days of the week, colours, numbers, seasons, the world around us and much, much more…

Our after nursery school setting is located in the Ormeau Park and provides wrap around care for 22 children with a staff:child ratio of 1:8. Our emphasis is very much on play and fun. After collecting children from local nursery schools and playgroups (we currently collect from: Rosetta, Knockbreda, Forge, Bethlehem, Holy Rosary and St Bernards),  we provide opportunities for rest, relaxation and soothing activitites e.g. art, cookery, opportunities for free play.

Once energy levels rise again, we have the wonderful Ormeau Park and the Play Park right on our doorstep! Children also have the area immediately outside to have endless hours of fun in the fresh air. Circle times, news groups and discussion sessions are introduced as the children adjust to the new pace of combining nursery school with after nursery care.

Whilst we have always enjoyed going further afield during school holiday periods, present circumstances prevent this, so we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful outdoor setting in the heart of the Ormeau Park.

We have registered to become a Forest School and look forward to developing this throughout the Autumn and into the Spring of 2021.

Above all, we ensure all the children have every opportunity to unwind and relax after a busy day at nursery school!

Our Settings


“Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible.”

Loris Malaguzzi​

Spread over three rooms within Rosetta Primary School, we provide wrap around care for P1 – P7 children from Rosetta and Forge Primary Schools. We are registered for 64 children and our staff to child ratio is 1:8

Children arriving from school need some time to unwind and revive before delving into an array of activities including themed arts and crafts; indoor and outdoor sporting games; board games (chess and lotto are two favourites), clay play to name but a few. Opportunites to investigate and research are provided in various activities eg wood work station, engineering corner where children can take apart items such as old key boards, computers, radios and many more everyday objects to see what’s inside and find out how and why things work.

Whilst art and craft and lots of imaginative play are always firm favourites, we are very focused on delivering a fun programme which is led by the children in our care.

Our flexible plans always take into consideration the children’s particular interests at any given time. Some of our varied activities include baking, keeping fit, dance, knitting circle, team ideas provided by the children such as “The Apprentice”, science experiments, etc. We often invite instructors to provide taster sessions in archery, tae-kwon-do, dance, zumba, judo etc.

During our summer weeks we get out an about as much as possible with trips to a variety of places which, in the past, have included: Crawfordsburn beach and forest park, Armagh Planetarium, W5, the cinema, Lady Dixon Park, Ormeau and Cherryvale Park, Ulster Museum, The Ark Farm, Streamvale Farm, Botanic Gardens, Belvoir Park Forest, Dundonald Ice Bowl, Indiana Land, Bowling, Pirate Golf, Helensbay, Holywood, Bangor, Seaforde, Carnfunnock, Mountstewart etc.

Our Settings

We opened our Bumbles by the Park setting in September 2018 and we have been delighted to welcome so many new children to Bumbles since then. Our primary school wrap around facility is located at Macmillan Hall, 9 Park Road  and offers the perfect environment for children to come back to after a busy day at school. It also provides the perfect backdrop for fun filled camps during school holiday periods.

Bumbles by the Park incorporates 2 very large halls, a music room, an art studio and a lovely kitchen for baking activities … so the possibilities are endless. A front garden area, a courtyard and the Ormeau Park just across the road ensure that outdoor play  is always on the agenda, whatever the weather.

All activities available in our Rosetta setting are also on offer in Bumbles by the Park. Throughout our years of operation we have always found that firm favourites never go away and we still have so much fun playing familiar games of dodgeball, duck duck goose etc. As with all our environments, there will always be areas that children can retreat to and cosy up with a good book.

We currently (September 2020) collect from the following Primary Schools: St Michaels, St Bernards, Holy Rosary and Loughview.

Collections from St Michael’s are walking collections whereas collections from St Bernard’s, Holy Rosary and Loughview are driving collections in Bumbles vehicles.

There are several experienced members of our team who collect our children each day and a Collectors List (including photographs) is sent to all our schools at the start of the academic year and updated, as appropriate. This ensures that children are always collected by someone who knows them well. It will usually be the same collectors every day except when staff leave dictates otherwise.