Performance review, development and training

Last updated 1 July, 2018

Principle and statement of intent

The aim of this policy is to provide a Performance Appraisal Scheme for staff and volunteers that has a structured process to assess performance, set agreed objectives and identify and address development needs.

At Bumbles Day Care we recognise the importance of lifelong training and believe that all adults working with young children should be committed to continuing learning and professional development. At Bumbles Day Care we will ensure that our staff team are experienced, qualified, caring and professional and we will support them by providing effective management through supervision, support and training.

Performance review

The Performance Review is designed to facilitate self-assessment, to give feedback and discuss improvement.

The objectives of the scheme are:

  • To embed the values and ethos of Bumbles Day Care
  • To review performance looking at both current and future work planning
  • To set new or updated objectives
  • To provide feedback on the learning process from work activities
  • To identify skills gaps and training needs – professional development
  • To Identify and celebrate achievements
  • To look at Emotional well-being/work-life balance; a place for personal development
  • To ensure that a formal assessment on all of the above happens at least once a year in addition to regular 1-2-1s


Performance review meetings will take place on a regular basis, times to be notified via email and a notice in staff room

Any cancelled sessions should be re-booked for as soon as possible to maintain the regularity.

Reviews should take place in a private and uninterrupted space during the working day.

The immediate Line manager will complete the performance review, i.e. the room Co-ordinator will hold the review with the Practioners and the Deputy Manager/Manager with the Co-ordinator.

It is the responsibility of the person leading the review to take notes and record any agreed actions, which will be signed by both parties and then kept in Staff Individual Personnel Files.

It is important that any agreed actionsCo-ordinator/Manager/ Deputy Manager ensures that actions are reviewed and agreements followed up in future sessions.

An Annual Performance Appraisal will also be conducted by the director and this will usually require completion of a self evaluation form by each member of the team. The notes from the monthly performance reviews will assist in this process.

What a member of the Bumble’s Day Care team can expect from a performance review session:

  • A place where guidance is received
  • To be challenged; a place to address actions and follow up
  • That notes and records of the sessions are made and stored/copied
  • An assessment of Training needs
  • Support is offered
  • Acknowledgement and praise is received
  • Work is discussed and targets agreed
  • A place where personal things (not work related) can be discussed; but this is optional

Development & Training

All new members of staff go through an induction process that includes an understanding of Bumbles Day Care policies, procedures and guidelines.

All staff working directly with children will have a probationary period during which they will be supervised and supported.

Ongoing supervision, training and programme planning sessions, together with monthly performance reviews and annual staff appraisals ensure that:

  • Our staff team are provided with opportunities for continual professional development.
  • Opportunities to identify/request additional training

Bumbles Day Care is a member of the Early Years Organisation (EYO) which provides us with access to relevant literature and training for on-going staff development. In addition, we work closely with other training centres/agencies to ensure appropriate training in e.g. first aid, food hygiene, safe lifting and handling, use of fire equipment etc. There are also in-service training opportunities during the course of the day at Bumbles e.g. Introduction to heuristic play, Treasure Basket etc.

All staff training is recorded, with dates and attendance.

Feedback is obtained from staff on all training undertaken and assessment is carried out by management on the effectiveness of training.

At Bumbles Day Care we want to ensure that:

  • Employees and volunteers develop their skills and knowledge. This is pivotal for employee/volunteer development and will increase standards in the quality care provided in the setting.
  • Staff are enabled to regularly refresh existing knowledge and skills to maintain existing competency.
  • An enabling working environment is created where continuous professional development and training takes place, where staff are enthused and motivated in their roles which in turn enhances staff retention.
  • All staff and volunteers are continually working towards improved quality and high standards of service within the setting.

Equal opportunities

The management team will ensure that all staff and volunteers are provided with the opportunity to continually professionally develop and that no person will be excluded from training based on the grounds of gender (including gender reassignment), age marital status, disability, racial grounds (race, colour, nationality – including citizenship – ethnic or national origin), sexual orientation, religion or belief, responsibility for dependents, trade union membership or employment status.

Part-time and full-time employees will have equal opportunities for training and development, which is appropriate to their post. Volunteers will also be given access to development training.