SC5 – Hygiene Inspection

  • Simple checks of the premises which should be carried out by the Proprietor or Manager regularly
  • Hygiene of food rooms and equipment

  • *A 'clean area' is a room or an area within the food premises where only ready-to-eat foods are handled. No raw foods can be handled here. The clean area might be fixed in the same location on a permanent basis or may be set up on a temporary basis following a thorough cleaning and disinfection process of the entire area. A temporary clean area should include clean storage facilities for storing equipment and packaging when the temporary clean area is not in use.

    **Complex equipment is the term given to those items of equipment that can be very difficult to clean. This may be because it is hard to access all parts of the equipment or because it is made up of a number of small parts and surfaces which may not be smooth or easy to clean. For these reasons complex equipment provided for use on ready-to-eat food should not be used for raw food.