Anti-Bullying & Anti-Harassment Policy

We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect at work. Bullying and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in our business. This policy aims to identify what is meant by “bullying” and “harassment” and sets out our position in relation to combating them. This policy applies to bullying and harassment […]

Grievance Procedure

It is important that if you feel dissatisfied with any matter relating to your employment you should have an effective means by which your grievance may be heard. It is hoped that most issues can be dealt with by way of an informal discussion and employees are encouraged to attempt this method of resolution in […]

Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure

Where we are considering disciplinary action against an employee or considering dismissing an employee for a reason not related to a disciplinary issue (e.g. redundancy or capability), this procedure will apply to ensure that we comply with our statutory obligations. It is hoped that most issues in the workplace can be resolved informally. In the […]

General Rules and Disciplinary Offences

Your statement of main terms of employment and the policies and procedures contained in this handbook set out what is required of you in the course of your employment with us. It is not possible to compile an exhaustive list of rules and procedures that you must follow and therefore what follows is a non-exhaustive […]

Performance Management Policy

We believe that it is important that the performance of the organisation and the individuals working for us should be kept under review to ensure that everyone is working towards our shared objectives in the most productive way possible. This document sets out the policy and procedure operated by us to address performance Performance review […]