The middle floor, is home to our Bumbilos. Children are aged 2-3 years old and the staff / child ratio is 1:4.In this group, your child will continue to build upon all their newly acquired skills and once again, lots of opportunities to develop and learn new skills through play are provided.

A wide variety of activities are on offer in both their own room and other areas of the Nursery. For example, paint, sand and water are always available and the bay landing area on our 1st floor is a great additional space for stories.

The heart of every home – our kitchen – provides another area where our children can play with dough or clay and start simple cookery sessions e.g. making mini pizzas, decorating buns etc. Music and exercise sessions and lots of physical play, art and craft, imaginative play and heuristic play are some of the many activities on offer.

Whilst nappies and wipes are still required, it is in this group that potty training usually occurs. We liaise closely with parents to ensure as smooth a transition as possible from nappies to potty!