With a staff ratio of 1:4 for children under 3 years and 1:8 for those over, we cater for between 8 and 16 Bumbleers (pre-nursery school children).

Situated on the top floor of our nursery, the Bumbleers enjoy a house corner, story corner, builder’s construction area, plenty of arts, crafts, water and sand play.

Again, as with all our groups, we try to get out and about as much as possible. In this group we sometimes, (especially in summer) venture further afield and go to the Ormeau Park and the local libraries. We have also been known to visit St Georges Market on a Friday morning! During the summer we also get a chance to go across to our friends in Play Station in Rosetta Primary School and to play in the gym hall and the large field behind the school. Other visits to Streamvale Farm, Botanic Gardens and Ulster Museum usually form part of our busy summer months.

We love to welcome special visitors in our Bumbleer Room and we are always delighted when parents want to come in and explain their jobs or hobbies to the children. Bumbleers make wonderful audiences! We have regular visits from our local lollipop person, the police, the fire brigade, paramedi Kidz and sometimes to the farm comes too!

As we help our children to prepare for nursery school or playgroup in September, they become increasingly more independent and they learn about the days of the week, colours, numbers, seasons, the world around us and much, much more…