It is while in the this room that your child will start to become more and more independent. Plenty of opportunities to encourage independence with regard to washing hands, feeding themselves, sitting socially with one another will be are provided. The staff / child ratio for the Bumbletots remains 1:3. Although dependant on the individual child, the usual age range is between 14 / 18 months – 2 years. There are 6 – 9 Tots in our group, thus making it an extension of our Baby room with all of the activities which were on offer in the Baby room still available.In addition, they now have more room and more opportunity to explore using their new found skills and increased mobility. They enjoy a routine based around morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack and once able are encouraged to sit round the table for meal times. They usually sleep between 12 noon and 2.00pm and enjoy a variety of activities following seasonal and monthly themes throughout the remainder of the day.There is an option for part-time care from this age group onwards, however, preference is given to those requiring full-time care. Minimum part-time options available are 3 full days or 4 mornings per week.Parents are required to provide nappies and wipes.