Staff induction

Last updated 1 July, 2018

Principle and statement of intent

At Bumbles Day Care the management team will normally carry out a 2 week induction for all new staff and volunteers. This ensures that every member of our team is fully aware of Bumbles’ Vision, Purpose and Values, our Policies and Procedures, our curriculum and the day-to-day running of all our sessions. It also ensures that our new team members are introduced to all our children and the families within the group in which they are placed.


This policy has been implemented to ensure that the management team and the wider team are aware of the induction period which has been developed for working with new staff and volunteers. It also informs new members of our team with regards to what they can expect from their induction.


The management team will ensure that the following process is implemented for all new staff and volunteers over the course of the first 2 weeks in the setting:

  • Introduction to all staff / volunteers and the management team.
  • Details on their roles and responsibilities
  • Tour of the setting, taking into account emergency exits.
  • Time to read all policies and procedures of the setting which they then must then sign to indicate that they have read, understood and will adhere to all our policies and procedures.
  • Introduction to parents / carers and parents / carers are made aware of their role.
  • Instruction as to where records and confidential details are stored.
  • An overview of the daily routine and talked through how daily sessions operate.

During the first day of induction, the manager / deputy manager will ensure that The Child and Adult Protection Policy has been read and emphasize the importance of safeguarding the children in our care.

Within the first week, a fire drill will be completed and Health & Safety regulations will be explained.

During the induction period all new staff/volunteers must demonstrate an understanding of and compliance with all the areas covered. Induction forms part of the probationary period and new staff/ volunteers can give feedback on progress to the management team during support meetings. An induction form will be signed off throughout this process.

At the end of the 2 week induction a 6 week supervised training schedule will be agreed based on individual job requirements.