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Adoption Leave

Eligibility Adoption leave and pay will be available to eligible employees who adopt. Where a couple is adopting jointly, the couple may choose which partner

Annual Leave Policy

Our holiday year begins on 1st January each year. You will be notified of fixed closures as far in advance as possible. Your annual holiday

Compassionate Leave

We recognise that you may face difficult personal circumstances from time to time and we are committed to providing you with assistance at these difficult

Paternity Leave

You will be eligible for statutory paternity leave and pay if you are the father of a child or the husband or partner of the

Shared Parental Leave

Introduction Shared Parental Leave enables eligible parents to choose how to share the care of their child during the first year of birth or adoption.

Sickness / Absence Policy

Last updated: Notification of absence You must notify your manager by telephone on the first day of absence at the earliest possible opportunity and not

Time off in Lieu

It is our policy to ensure that employees are compensated for working additional hours by benefitting from Time Off in Lieu (TOIL). It is anticipated

Time off to care for Dependants

You have the right to reasonable time off work without pay to deal with emergencies relating to people who depend upon you. The dependant may

Unpaid Parental Leave

If you have been continuously employed by us for at least one year and have parental responsibility for a child aged under 18, you are