This policy should be read alongside our Equal Opportunities policy and Anti-Bullying and Harassment policies. You have a duty to comply with the standards of behaviour required by us and to behave in a responsible manner at all times.

We have an expectation of responsible and acceptable standards of conduct at parties or other work-related social occasions or gatherings. On these occasions, you are expected to behave in an appropriate and responsible manner.

If you attend a social occasion where alcohol is permitted, you should ensure that if you drink alcohol, you do so in moderation.

Conduct which breaches the standards expected by us may result in disciplinary action being taken, up to and including dismissal without notice. Conduct which is reasonably considered to amount to bullying or harassment will be treated as gross misconduct.

If your conduct brings us into disrepute, you will be subject to our disciplinary procedure. Depending upon the seriousness of the offence, such behaviour may be viewed as a gross misconduct offence and could lead to your dismissal without notice.

This handbook has been prepared by Mark Mason Employment Law Consultancy for the exclusive use of Bumbles Day Care Limited and is not to be made available for use within any other organisation.