In order to control the use of the organisation’s computer equipment and reduce the risk of contamination the following rules will apply:-

Email and Internet


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that we make maximum use of the facilities of the internet and e mail system whilst ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.


Where appropriate, you are encouraged to make use of the internet as part of your day to day job requirements. Attention must be paid to ensuring that published information has relevance to normal professional activities before material is released in our name. Where personal views are expressed a disclaimer stating that this is the case should be clearly added to all correspondence. Our intellectual property rights must not be compromised when publishing on the internet.

The availability and variety of information on the internet means that it can be used to obtain material reasonably considered to be offensive. The use of the internet to access and/or distribute any kind of offensive material, or material that is not work-related may result in disciplinary action which could lead to dismissal.


The use of the e-mail system is encouraged as its appropriate use facilitates efficiency. Inappropriate use however causes many problems including distractions, time wasting and legal claims. These procedures set out our position on the correct use of the e-mail system.

The email system is available for communication of matters directly concerned with our business. You should note the following:-

  1. Email messages and copies should only be sent to those for whom they are particularly relevant;
  2. E-mail should not be used as a substitute for face-to-face communication or telephone contact. Messages sent without proper consideration can cause upset, concern or misunderstanding and it is usually more appropriate to speak to someone face to face to resolve an issue rather than by email;
  3. If e-mail is confidential the user must ensure that the necessary steps are taken to protect confidentiality.
  4. Offers or contracts transmitted by e-mail are as legally binding on us as those sent on paper.

Prohibited activities

We will not tolerate the use of the e-mail system or internet for unofficial or inappropriate purposes, including: –

  1. Any messages that could constitute bullying, harassment or other detriment;
  2. Personal use (e.g. social invitations, personal messages, jokes, cartoons, chain letters or other private matters);
  3. On-line gambling;
  4. Accessing or transmitting pornography;
  5. Transmitting copyright information and / or any software available to the user; and
  6. Posting confidential information about other employees, our business or its clients or suppliers.

If the email or internet system is used for any of the prohibited activities set out above, this may result in disciplinary action, which may include dismissal.


You should note that we reserve the right to monitor employees’ use of the internet and email accounts. You should therefore have no expectation of privacy in relation to your use of our computers or other devices or the content of emails sent to or from our business email accounts.

Further instructions

We may issue further directions in relation to use of computer equipment, email and internet from time to time. You are required to comply with these further directions when issued.

This handbook has been prepared by Mark Mason Employment Law Consultancy for the exclusive use of Bumbles Day Care Limited and is not to be made available for use within any other organisation.