Blue Crash Mats

Last updated – 14/06/2021
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Sigourney Gibson

What are the hazards / risks?

If crash mats are being used for something different to the spider web swing then refer to the following risk assessment. Possible injuries arising from use of crash mats and how they are used

Who is at risk?

Children and staff members
  • Overcrowding: too many children on the crash mat at the one time
  • If used incorrectly/unsupervised a child could fall off mat or miss their landing on it, resulting in a broken limb/ head injury/general cuts and bruises
  • Children  wearing glasses – glasses could get broken or cause additional harm to the child
  • Before use by children, staff must ensure mats are clean and placed on a level surface before
  • Staff to check mats to ensure no signs of rips in fabric, breakages and  that padding is firm enough for landing
  • If child is wearing glasses, the staff member should let them know that they cannot use the mats unless their glasses are removed and given to the staff member for safe keeping
  • Children must be supervised when using the mats.  A staff member must be based at the end of the mat and they should instruct the children on how to safely use the equipment. Children should be instructed to always land with 2 feet and bent knees to reduce risks of injury from a jump.

At all times:

  • There must be direct supervision by staff members when mats are in use
  • No more than 2 children are allowed on mats at the one time/ no children should be standing around edges of mats when it is in use
  • Children should wear shoes/ appropriate footwear
  • Staff to ensure that mat area is clear from loose items that may cause injury
  • Provides children with opportunities to risk assess for themselves and to think about risk assessment
  • Provides opportunity for physical development and exciting challenges
  • Children have the opportunity for rough and tumble play on a softer surfaces