Child with a cast

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What are the hazards / risks?

Who is at risk?

1. Running and falling causing further injury.

2. Bumping into other children causing further injury.

3. Difficulty using the bathroom independently.

4. Difficulty using utensils to eat.

5. Difficulty getting changed/putting coat or shoes on.

6. Getting the cast wet when washing hands/messy play.

1.  – Monitor child closely at all times and encourage them not to run/climb/jump, especially on uneven ground.

2.  – Make other children aware of the cast and encourage them to take care when nearby.

– If in use, put sling on child during games or close contact with other children for extra protection.

– Position child where they will have less contact with others during a game, still ensuring that they don’t feel left out.

3. – Staff member to accompany child to bathroom to assist when necessary (pulling bottoms up or down for example) whilst still maintaining safeguarding procedures.

4. – Staff to cut up food if necessary, assist with feeding.

5. – Staff to assist with getting dressed when needed.

6.  – Hand santiser may be used as substitute for hand washing if cast will get wet.

– Protective wrapping or cover could be used for messy or sensory play but must be agreed on with parents so as not to injure further/damage cast .

By implementing a risk benefit, the child will be protected and also feel included when attending Bumbles. This will allow staff to safely assess the child’s capabilities and ensure they still feel part of the group.