Zip Line

Last updated: 02/06/2021
Setting: Bumbles by the Park
Location: Front garden
Created by: Sigourney Gibson / Johnny Walker on 17/05/2021
Confirmed by: Patsy Maxwell on 21/05/2021
What is the hazard / risk? Possible injuries arising from use of zip line and various components
Who is at risk? Children and staff members

What general hazards can cause harm?

  1. If used incorrectly / unsupervised a child could fall off the apparatusĀ  resulting in a broken limb / head injury / general cuts and bruises

Normal control measures

  1. Supervise children using the apparatus / instruct them in the correct use of all elements.
  2. Staff to visually check all ropes – knots secure, no signs of abrasion or tampering
  3. Staff to physically check the equipment – Check for pulley, web swing, zip line seat and climbing swing.
  4. Check for any breakages, any sharp or rough edges
  5. Check all equipment fastenings ie nuts, bolts and carabiners – check carabiner screw gates are in working order

Before connecting zip line:

  1. Check rope tensions with staff body weight
  2. Check screw gate on seat attachment carabiner lock
  3. Check path of zipline is obstacle free and that children are not playing in the path line / immediate area

At all times:

  1. There must be direct / near supervision by staff members when zip line and swings are attached
  2. Protective equipment to be consideredĀ  eg helmets / gloves etc
  3. No more than 2 children are allowed in the web-swing / no children should be standing around the web swing when it is in use
  4. Wall to rear of web swing should be covered with thick duvet or carpet to prevent injury should the swing collide with the wall / consideration to repositioning the web swing

Risk Benefit Assessment

  1. Provides children with opportunities to risk assess for themselves and to think about risk assessment
  2. Provides opportunity for physical development and exciting challenges
  3. Children learn about ropes and fastenings and are introduced to new language