Statement of Purpose

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Our Vision is to provide excellence in Childcare.

Our team at Bumbles aim to provide all children with quality care in a homely, safe and stimulating environment making Bumbles Day Care a place for living, learning and growing up in.

Our Values

Child Focused – We are child focused and by treating children as individuals they always come first.

Engaged – By engaging with our Team, Children, Parents and Volunteers in a proactive, supportive, flexible and caring way, we can create a real sense of belonging.

Passionate – We are passionate about creating a fun, welcoming and nurturing environment to greatly enhance opportunities to learn and explore.

Committed – We are committed to providing excellence through continuous improvement and consistent training. We routinely reflect, review and enhance our childcare provision in line with good practice.


Registered with the Belfast Trust, we are members of the Early Years Organisation (EYO) and received their Accreditation Award in June 2006. Currently we are working towards achieving the All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award.

Bumbles Day Care was established by Proprietor Patricia Maxwell (Registered Person) in 1993 and now incorporates 2 settings. Our original Victorian house provides care for our under 4 age groups whilst our setting within Rosetta Primary School (Bumbles @ Rosetta) and at Cooke Centenary Church (Bumbles by the Park) provides wrap around care for nursery school and primary school aged children.

Bumbles Day Care and our main office are located at:-
22 Knockbreda Road
Tel: (028) 90645545

Bumbles @ Rosetta is located in Rosetta Primary School just across the road.

Bumbles by the Park is located in the Macmillan Hall attached to Cooke Centenary Church on Park Road.

Opening hours

  • Bumbles Day Care
    • 7:45am to 5:45pm (Monday to Friday).
  • Bumbles @ Rosetta and Bumbles by the Park
    • 1:30pm to 5:45pm (Monday to Friday) Term-time
    • 8:00am to 5:45pm (Monday to Friday) During School Holidays

Holiday arrangements

We have 17 days of closure as follows:

New Years Day
St Patrick’s Day
2 Days @ Easter
May Day
Late May Holiday
Late August Bank Holiday
Christmas Day
Boxing Day

3 working days after Boxing Day
1 week around 12th July holiday

Bumbles Day Care is registered for up to 52 children, and is comprised of four main groups; Bumblinos, who cater for babies aged 3 – 14 months; Bumbletots, for children aged 15 months – 2 years; Bumbilos, for toddlers aged between 2 – 3 years; and Bumbleers, where children start to prepare for nursery school.

In Bumbles @ Rosetta, PlayStation is registered for up to 16 nursery school children and Kids Club for up to 32 children, P1 – P7 age group across 2 rooms.

As part of our Registration we are inspected annually in line with the Minimum Standards. Annual Inspections check:

  • The suitability of the premises, ensuring that they are safe to be used as a facility to provide care to children
  • The suitability of the persons providing care, ensuring that there is no known reason why they are not able to work with children
  • That the standard of care offered is in keeping with that which is required by any registered facility
  • The suitability of equipment
  • All record keeping systems. They have access to all records held on children and staff.

The contact details for our registering social worker are displayed on our Parent Notice Board at the entrance to both our settings.

At Bumbles Day Care there is public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance, with current certificates displayed on the notice boards in the settings.

Fees are detailed on our website at or can be obtained from our office. All fees are reviewed annually and parents are informed of any increase 1 month in advance

Policies and Procedures

At Bumbles Day Care we have a robust set of Policies & Procedures that form the guidelines and structure to our operation. These are continually reviewed in line with current Childcare, Health and Safety and Best Work Practice guidelines. A full list of policies & procedures are available for inspection in the Bumbles Day Care offices, as well as key policies on our web site;

Below are extracts from the key policies that form part of our Statement of Purpose:

Partnership with parent and carers

The principle behind our Partnership with Parents and Carers Policy is taken from the Policy for Early Years Provision in NI (1994) which states that: “Parents are the first educators of their children and should be involved at all stages in their education and development”.

At Bumbles Day Care, we recognise the importance of keeping in close contact with parents in order to meet the needs of each individual child most effectively. Parents are the most knowledgeable people about their children and are also their first and most influential educators.

Children will be more likely to benefit from their time at Bumbles Day Care when staff and parents work in partnership. We hope that parents will feel free at any time during the year to make any recommendations or ask questions about any aspect of our provision, or to suggest any ways of developing better links between parents and Bumbles Day Care.

Bumbles Day Care has an Open Door Policy whereby parents can call in at any time. Should a parent wish to speak to a member of staff specifically then it would be advisable to call in advance, so that alternative arrangements can be made to ensure appropriate staff to child ratio is maintained at all times.

  • My Nursery Pal: This is a tablet and cloud based nursery management system that is managed by Bumbles staff and allows them to record all aspects of each childs day, including photographs, messages and general activities. This can be viewed by parents from their computer, tablet or smart phone at home or at work. My Nursery Pal utilises the highest security standards and is username and password protected.
  • Parent Meetings: These are usually held annually, and are an opportunity to introduce new and reinforce existing policy and procedures, provide timely information with regard to increased fees. We will also provide updates on group activities/play provision and notify of any upcoming events, as well as giving feedback on evaluation questionnaires as appropriate.
  • Parent Notice Board: This is usually updated monthly and will highlight specific pieces of policy and related articles alongside detailed information about a particular activity. In addition, registration and insurance information will always be displayed.

Apart from having the formal opportunities to air views, outlined above, we hope that parents will feel free at any time during the year to make any recommendations or ask questions about any aspect of our provision, or to suggest any other ways of developing better links between parents and Bumbles.

At Bumbles we value parental input and appreciate their support. If parents have any special talents, or interesting jobs we encourage them to participate in sharing those talents with our children and staff. For example we have had:

  • A parent with hearing impairment, demonstrate the use of sign language.
  • A parent, who was blind, visit with their guide dog.
  • The parent of a child with a severe nut allergy delivering awareness training of this to staff.

At Bumbles we celebrate children’s cultures and traditions and encourage parental input in this area is promoted.

Child and adult protection

In Bumbles Day Care the welfare of the children in our care is paramount. We are committed to creating an environment in which children are safe from abuse, and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to.

At Bumbles we will endeavour to safeguard our children by:-

  • Following Health & Social Service guidelines on child protection
  • Applying rigorous recruitment, selection and interview procedures
  • Pre-employment police check and vetting (POCFA – October 2005) (ensures we exclude known abusers)
  • Effective management for staff and volunteers through support and training
  • We have a Designated Officer and Deputy Officer who are responsible for safeguarding children’s issues
  • Report concerns to statutory agencies who need to know and involve parents and children appropriately
  • Sharing information about child protection and good practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers.
  • Ensuring safety procedures are adhered to

Bumbles childcare staff team are committed:-

  • To protect and ensure the well-being of the children in their care,
  • To develop awareness of issues that can cause children harm.
  • To report any concerns following Bumbles child protection procedures.

Code of practice

All Bumbles staff have gone through an induction process which includes an awareness of key Policies & Procedures as well as an agreement to a code of conduct aimed to ensure good practice that includes valuing and respecting children as individuals, and the adult modelling of appropriate conduct – which will always exclude bullying, shouting, racism, sectarianism or sexism.

Managing children’s behaviour

The standards and principles of our policy take into account the U.N Convention on Rights of the Child which states “that the child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society, and brought up in the spirit of the ideals proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, and in particular in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity.”

At Bumbles Day Care we believe in young children’s growing ability to control their own lives, to make choices and accept responsibility for their actions. We also believe that all children have the right to expect positive approaches to managing their behaviour, which are consistent with these goals.

Managing children’s ‘behaviour’, is about helping children to make judgements about what they can or cannot do, so helping them control their own behaviour through developing in them an awareness of other people’s needs as well as their own, and some understanding of the consequences of their actions on others. Giving explanations, for the reasons certain behaviour is encouraged or discouraged is a key way in which children can develop self-control and come to appreciate the need to respect, tolerate and co-operate with others around them.

Any form of punishment that humiliates and attacks children’s sense of self and makes them feel helpless is damaging and is NEVER permitted in Bumbles.


At Bumbles Day Care, we aim to provide a stimulating, safe environment for all children. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of care and to foster good relationships with all parents and carers. We aim to provide a service that is accountable to parents and to encourage parental involvement we welcome all comments and suggestions to help us improve our group.

We believe parent’s views and concerns should be respected and acknowledged, and understand that on occasion circumstances may result in a parent or carer wishing to make a complaint.

We aim to bring all concerns about the running of Bumbles Day Care to a prompt, satisfactory and amicable conclusion for all of the parties involved.

Our website has links to all our policies including Health & Safety, Programme Curriculum Planning & Evaluation, Data Handling as well as our Day to Day routine guidelines.

Activities and resources

All of our rooms at Bumbles Day Care are equipped with age appropriate play activities that are rotated depending on the season. We have access to outdoor play areas – the gardens in the Nursery and the play grounds at Rosetta Primary School for PlayStation and Kids Club and again we have available a wide range of outdoor play equipment.

Activities are planned with an emphasis on learning through fun and play, whilst being responsive to children’s enthusiasm and interests and flexible enough to meet individual children’s needs.

In the nursery we follow the Early Years Organisation guidance on the nature of an appropriate curriculum for pre-school children and the PPA Guide to the Curriculum, 1991 which states that “The essential basis for all future learning is established through children’s early play and learning and through the attitudes to learning which are acquired during the pre-school years.” Most importantly therefore, during their time at Bumbles, we hope that children will be learning that learning is fun.

Whilst for children in the nursery setting, there is a need for an educational curriculum, for those children coming to PlayStation and Kids Club it is deemed that those needs will be met in their respective schools. Therefore the emphasis here will be on play.

We welcome visits from many external organisations and plan outings to local parks, etc throughout the year and specific outings during holiday periods e.g.: Museums, Zoo, Farms, W5, Beaches, Play Parks and Outdoor Centres further afield etc.