Statuatory time off

Last updated 1 July, 2018

Parental leave

You are entitled to (unpaid ) parental leave as follows if you:

  • Are a parent of a child born or placed for adoption on or after 15th December 1999 – If you have 1 year’s service with Bumbles Day Care you are entitled to up to 13 week’s leave for the purpose of caring for a child. This entitlement must be exercised within 5 years of the birth or adoption of the child; in the case of adoption, the entitlement will not apply past the child’s 18th birthday, or;
  • Are the parent of a child entitled to a disability living allowance – If you have 1 year’s service with Bumbles Day Care (or with another employer between 15th December 1998 and 9th January 2002) you are entitled to up to 18 weeks leave for the purpose of caring for the child up to the child’s 18th birthday.

You must take parental leave in a minimum of 1 week blocks (apart from where a child is disabled) and you are limited to a maximum of 4 weeks in a year for each child starting with the date you first became entitled to parental leave.

In order to assist Bumbles Day Care in managing your absence, you must provide at least 21 days’ notice. Leave may be postponed, apart from leave taken immediately after the birth or adoption, depending on the needs of Bumbles Day Care.

Family emergencies

You are entitled to reasonable time off, without pay, for urgent incidents of real need involving a dependant, who is a member of your immediate family or someone who reasonably relies on you for help when they are ill or injured or for making arrangements for them to be cared for in the event of illness or injury.

The entitlement to time off in such circumstances is limited to what is reasonable for you to deal with the immediate problem and sort out any longer term arrangements.

If you are unable to attend work due to unforeseen family circumstances such as the death of a dependant, breakdown of childcare arrangements or illness of a dependant, you may be entitled to reasonable time off work.

Jury service

You are entitled to time off work to fulfil your obligations with regard to Jury Service. In the event of you being summoned to attend for Jury Service, you must notify management immediately on receipt of the Jury Summons, giving details of the dates you are required to attend Court.

If you are retained on Jury Service for a prolonged period, you have an obligation to notify Bumbles Day Care and must keep in regular contact throughout. You must return to normal working immediately following your release from Jury duties.

You are reminded to ensure that an expenses claim is submitted to the Court in accordance with the available allowances for travelling, subsistence and your financial loss.

You are not entitled to payment for this time off, as you can claim allowances from the Court.

Public duties

You are entitled to reasonable time off during working hours to perform the duties associated with certain positions, such as Justices of the Peace, members of a local authority, statutory tribunal or police authority.

You are not, however, entitled to payment for this time.