Last reviewed 1 July, 2018

Principle and statement of intent

Your normal hours of work are detailed in your Statement of Main Terms of Employment; it is your responsibility to ensure that you attend punctually for work and follow all timekeeping and absence procedures. In order to help us maintain optimum service levels, you may be required to work additional hours for time to time.

Exact hours of work including start time and finish time are detailed on a weekly schedule which is always on display in the kitchen. It is your responsibility to check the rota regularly to ensure you know your start and finish times each day.

If you have need to leave work prior to your normal finishing time or to have time away during the normal working hours period, you must not leave without first obtaining permission from a member of the Management Team. In such circumstances, you must report upon leaving and where appropriate, returning to work.

Persistent lateness, unacceptable levels of absence and/or unauthorised absence will result in disciplinary actions.