Winter Bulletin 2018

Dear Parents

Please find details of important Bumbles information detailed within this autumn update:

Bumbles by the Park

In September we opened up our new setting, Bumbles by the Park, located in Park Road opposite Ormeau Park in Macmillan Hall. Our Kids Club parents will already be aware of this, given that this setting was opened to cater for the increasing demand for our after school service, but it occurred to me that I hadn’t informed all our families. This will be of particular interest to parents whose children currently attend our Playstation group, if they are wanting their children to continue in Bumbles when they move into P1. We will have some open days in 2019 when you can come and have a look around. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like to view prior to 2019. It really is a fantastic place for our children to relax and unwind after a busy day at school and with the park just a stone’s throw away, the benefits of the location are obvious to see. During our hallowe’en camp the proximity of the setting to the Ulster Museum and Botanic Gardens meant that all who attended got a chance to see Dippy the Dinosaur!

Staff Team / Training

Given the new setting, Bumbles recruited and were delighted to welcome, Steven, Stuart, Hannah, Abie and Jasmin. We are in the process of offering 3 more posts aswell. As always, we endeavour to ensure that all members of our team can work across all our groups ensuring that every member knows and is known by all the children who attend Bumbles.

Our new staff have completed their safe guarding training and food safety. First Aid is planned for January 19, which will mean that nearly 100% of our team will hold a current paediatric first aid certificate. Four members of our team are also undertaking Playwork Level 3 which is recognised as core training for those providing after school programmes.

Christmas Celebrations

This year our Christmas Celebrations will be as follows:

Santa arrives at Nursery on Wednesday 19th Dec around 3:45pm. He will start with our Bumblinos and move round the groups. Parents are invited to join us for some festive cheer from 3:30pm onwards.

Our Playstation children will be going to the Elves and the Shoemaker on Thursday 20th Dec at the Mac. This will start at 2:00pm and we will return to Bumbles Playstation for 5:30pm.

We will be celebrating Christmas in our Kids Club at Rosetta and Bumbles by the Park with a Snow Ball on the afternoon of Friday 21st December.

Christmas Eve – Monday 24th December

Bumbles usually closes at 1:00pm on Christmas Eve. This is a day when very few families attend. Therefore, we have decided that this year, in lieu of any fee increase (Bumbles haven’t increased fees since April 2016!), we are adding Christmas Eve as one of our normal closure days.

Activities @ Bumbles

Since January this year we have included and Intergenerational Programme for a small group of our Playstation (nursery school) children. This has involved children going to visit residents in Nazareth Care Village on the Ravenhill Road every Tuesday afternoon. The small group (no more than 5 children on any visit) going with 2 members of our team (usually Wendy and Tasha) visit and get to know some of the residents. They sing songs, look at books and generally chat together. Whilst it is still very early days, the benefits to both the children and the adults is very obvious to see and as it gathers momentum, Tuesday afternoon is now something both children and adults very much look forward to. More information regarding this programme will be circulated to the parents of our Playstation group and we plan to develop a ………

New Policy Information

We are about to upload a new Nut Free Policy – this will detail information about food labels and inform parents on how Bumbles scrutinise all the ingredients on products that we purchase. It also highlights the various forms of wording on food labels and how we interpret them ie if a certain wording means that we will or will not use that product in Bumbles. In all cases, we always continue to liaise very closely with parents at every stage of their child’s development. We would ask that when we inform you that this policy has been uploaded that you read and acknowledge that you have read it, alongside all our other policies and consents on our website. As part of our ongoing Registration and Inspection process, it is a requirement that we ensure parents are up-to-date with all Policies and Consents and we are therefore seeking to renew this on an annual basis now. Thank you in advance of your co-operation in this matter.

Other important Stuff

I would like to take this opportunity to reinforce some daily operational items:

Please could parents refrain from letting their child / children bring their own toys into Bumbles, or if they do bring items in please place them in your child’s bag on their peg downstairs before going to their room. It is difficult to keep track of all items throughout the day in Bumbles and if a child loses their toy it can lead to upset throughout the day or when going home

As Bumbles provides breakfast each day, it would be appreciated if children did not bring in their own breakfast. This is to ensure that we can guarantee Bumbles can stand over the fact that, at any given time, we know what food is in our building. We would also ask parents to ensure that their child does not have any food products in their pockets as sometimes can be the case.


Thank you to all our parents who keep us informed when their child / children are not going to be attending Bumbles. This greatly assists in our daily planning. We have however had many occasions of late when we are collecting children from school only to be told by a friend that they weren’t in school, or a teacher telling us that they are attending a club! As you can appreciate, this can add confusion to collection times and increases the time taken to carry out our collections. Please ensure to always phone or email to advise us with regard to anything to do with your child: days of absence, club attendance, dates when club is finishing, advising if they are not attending a usual club, advising if they are starting a new club, update on any medical or dietary information – this must be via email. Once again, thank you in anticipating of you co-operation in this matter.