Absence of Manager

Principles and statement of intent

To ensure the smooth running of Bumbles Day Care at all times, it is important to identify the procedure for dealing with absences of the Manager.

Bumbles Day Care currently employs two Deputy Managers who work alongside the Managing director. In addition, there is a wording on the Co-ordinator Job Description which indicates that they may need to deputise for the Management team.

  • Points 1 and 2 of the Deputy Job Description state that they may be required: “To deputise for the Manager when the Manager is not on site and to be responsible for the day to day operation of Bumbles Day Care”.
  • Point 3 of the Co-ordinator Job Description states: “The Co-ordinator may be required to take charge of Bumbles Day Care in the absence of the Manager”.

We have a very strong team at Bumbles and from the outset, when employing Co-ordinator staff, we identify those staff who show the abilities required, if necessary, to take on more responsibility e.g. taking charge when Manager / Deputy Manager engaged in a meeting etc.

Managing in the absence of a manager

  • All planned absences of the Manager are authorised by the owner and the Manager must highlight that appropriate cover is in place to cover the absence.
  • Annual Leave will only be authorized if appropriate cover is available.
  • Unplanned absences of the Manager are notified to the owner, as soon as it is known that an absence will occur. The Manager must also notify the Deputy Manager.
  • The Owner will liaise appropriately with the Deputy Manager to check that all is covered.
  • Where absences are for a prolonged period of time e.g. due to sickness etc, the Owner will liaise with the Deputy Manager on a daily basis and ensure that work load is manageable and prioritized appropriately.
  • All management monitoring and reporting processes and procedures are known by the Deputy Manager and these would continue to be completed, as normal.
  • When any periods of absence occur, it is important to review how everything was covered and to identify any training needs and / or identify the strengths of individuals providing the cover and the personal development achieved. This would normally be picked up during the time when the Manager is absent and then again during the Performance Review process. The process provides a tool for clarifying expectations and priorities, and for monitoring performance.