Bumbles by the Park

We opened our Bumbles by the Park setting in September 2018 and we have been delighted to welcome so many new children to Bumbles since then. Our primary school wrap around facility is located at Macmillan Hall, 9 Park Road  and offers the perfect environment for children to come back to after a busy day at school. It also provides the perfect backdrop for fun filled camps during school holiday periods.

Bumbles by the Park incorporates 2 very large halls, a music room, an art studio and a lovely kitchen for baking activities ... so the possibilities are endless. A front garden area, a courtyard and the Ormeau Park just across the road ensure that outdoor play  is always on the agenda, whatever the weather.

All activities available in our Rosetta setting are also on offer in Bumbles by the Park. Throughout our years of operation we have always found that firm favourites never go away and we still have so much fun playing familiar games of dodgeball, duck duck goose etc. As with all our environments, there will always be areas that children can retreat to and cosy up with a good book.

We currently (September 2020) collect from the following Primary Schools: St Michaels, St Bernards, Holy Rosary and Loughview.

Collections from St Michael's are walking collections whereas collections from St Bernard's, Holy Rosary and Loughview are driving collections in Bumbles vehicles.

There are several experienced members of our team who collect our children each day and a Collectors List (including photographs) is sent to all our schools at the start of the academic year and updated, as appropriate. This ensures that children are always collected by someone who knows them well. It will usually be the same collectors every day except when staff leave dictates otherwise.