Opening Hours & Fee Information

Opening Hours

All of Bumbles settings are open from Monday to Friday.

Time: 7:45am – 5:45pm   

*Camp opening hours differ slightly: 8:00am – 5:45pm

Please note children under the age of 14 months can only attend on a full-time basis.

Our Fees

Day Nursery

Bumbles Nursery & Bumbles on the Hill
£ 50
  • 7:45am to 5:45pm
  • Homemade Lunch & Snacks
  • Includes Vegetarian, Vegan & alternative options for children with allergies
  • Any outings, special visitors, suncream etc

Wraparound Nursery School

Bumbles in the Park & Bumbles on the Hill
£ 35
  • Nursery collection to 5:45pm
  • Nutritional Snacks & Fruit
  • Any outings, special visitors, suncream etc
  • Includes Full days attendance & packed lunch during School Holidays (Sept to June)

Wraparound Primary School

Bumbles by the Park, Bumbles at Rosetta & Bumbles on the Hill
£ 25
  • School collection to 5:45pm
  • Nutritional Snacks & Fruit
  • Any outings, special visitors, suncream etc

Breakfast Club

Bumbles at Rosetta
£ 4
  • Rosetta Primary School children only
  • Lots of choice, e.g pancakes, fruit, toast, cereals & more
  • 7:45am until school begins


Bumbles at Rosetta, Bumbles by the Park & Bumbles on the Hill
£ 38
  • Fun-filled Seasonal Programmes
  • Special Visitors
  • Adventures & Outings
  • Breakfast, Packed Lunches & Snacks
School Hols
  • Fees are usually reviewed annually and parents will receive 1 month’s notice of any changes.
  • Fees are still payable when a child is absent due to sickness or holidays etc.  Please note all Bumbles days of closure are charged for.
  • Extra days over and above normal registered attendance may be requested as an ad hoc purchase via our Famly App.  Assuming there is availability in the relevant group, the request will be approved by a member of our management team.
  • A discretionary sibling discount may be available where siblings attend on a full time basis. Discount is automatically removed if attendance pattern is reduced.
  • Bumbles’ Nursery Fees are payable 52 weeks of the year including all days of closure.
  • Bumbles’ Wrap Around Pre-school  fees are payable (September – June) 44 weeks regardless of attendance during holiday periods – includes full day care (regular attendance pattern) when Nursery Schools are closed.
  • Bumbles’ Wrap Around P1 – P7 fees are payable September – June Term Time. Term time bookings cannot be swapped.
  • P1 – P7 Parents must book into all relevant Camps (Autumn, Winter, Mid-Term, Spring and Summer plus ad hoc days of closure)  via our Famly App in advance.

Invoices are issued via our Famly App on the 19th of each month for the following month.  The Famly App will clearly show all transactions and invoices.   All fees must be paid in advance by the last working day of the preceding month:

  • Bank Transfers must reach Bumbles Account before the last working day of each month, in advance of the next month
  • Vouchers must be authorised to reach the Bumbles account by the last working day of each month, in advance of the next month. If paying partially by voucher, then the voucher amount should be deducted from the Monthly Amount due. The remainder must be transferred by Bacs.
  • Cash must be received by the last working day of each month, in advance of the next month
  • Bumbles cannot respond to requests for periods of reduced care / reduced fees.
  • Our registration process begins with an enquiry via our Enquire Now tab on our homepage.
  • Every enquiry is date stamped and dealt with in date order.  You should receive a response indicating whether or not there is availability in your desired setting / age group for the dates you require within 10 working days.
  • If there is availability then a visit for a show around is arranged.
  • After the visit you confirm if you wish to proceed with registration via email.  If so, you will receive an invitation to register via our Famly App.
  • A completed registration on Famly together with a £100 Registration Fee secures a place in Bumbles Day Care.  The Registration Fee is non refundable.
Fees last updated 1st December 2021.