Access to Medical Reports

Principle and statement of intent

​In certain circumstances it may be necessary for Bumbles Day Care to obtain a Medical Report from your Doctor/Specialist in order to ​establish:-

  • reason for and likely duration of absence
  • when you will be able to return to work, and whether the problem will recur
  • what, if any, treatment is being prescribed; and
  • whether you can carry out all the duties of the job.

This will enable Bumbles Day Care to plan workloads. It is in the interests of both yourself and Bumbles to establish, with the benefit of expert medical opinion, your ability to work. You have certain rights under the Access to Personal Files and Medical Records (Northern Ireland) Order 1991.

Your Doctor/Specialist cannot submit the report to Bumbles Day Care without your consent. You may withhold consent to the report being sought or can request to see the report prior to it being forwarded to Bumbles Day Care.

If you indicate that you wish to see the report in advance, Bumbles will inform you when the Doctor/Specialist has been written to; and the Doctor/Specialist also will be notified that you wish to see the report. You then have 21 days to contact the Doctor/Specialist regarding arrangements to see the report.

Should you indicate that you do not wish to see the report before Bumbles, you still have the right to write to the Doctor, if the report has not been provided to Bumbles, and have 21 days to contact the Doctor/Specialist regarding arrangements to see the report. You have the right to ask the Doctor/Specialist for a copy of the report for up to 6 months after it has been supplied. (There may be a charge for this.)

You may ask the Doctor/Specialist to amend any part of the report which you consider to be incorrect or misleading. If the Doctor/Specialist is not in agreement, you may attach a statement of your views with the report. If the Doctor/Specialist thinks that you or others would be harmed by the report, or any part of the report, it can be withheld from you.

No decision will be made that could affect your employment without careful consideration of all the circumstances.

Where Bumbles Day Care wishes to obtain a medical report, you will be asked for your written consent. Should you withhold such consent, Bumbles Day Care will take a decision regarding your continuing employment without the benefit of medical opinion.