Collecting children from school

  1. All staff MUST arrive to Bumbles promptly and check the schedule to see which school runs they will be doing that day / which collection point they will be going to. Co-ordinators MUST ensure that they speak with all members of the team each day regarding the collections and be confident that everyone knows where they are going / meant to be. Remember to check Famly for any updates between runs. Staff should comment read and understood on the schedule upload for that day. Staff should also comment any changes to school runs and why.
  2. Cars MUST be checked by the member of staff using the vehicle to ensure that the RA has been completed / hand sanitizer / antibacterial spray / and roll to wipe with is on board.
  3. Windows should be kept “safely” open to maximise ventilation. Weather permitting, windows should be left ajar between school runs.
  4. All staff MUST wear a mask when collecting children from school. Masks or a clear visor MUST be worn in the cars. Some older children may have a mask with them, if so they should be encouraged to wear it in the cars but it is not compulsory.
  5. As always, all children should be encouraged to walk beside adults in a safe manner. Where possible, children should carry their own belongings. Younger children will still need to hold hands with an adult where appropriate. (Please comment on the schedule if you held hands with a child as this is classed as a close contact.)
  6. As soon as children are collected by Bumbles, the collector should ensure to offer the children hand sanitizer and observe the child rubbing it in appropriately. Some children have just sanitised with their teacher before leaving school. This should be carried out immediately when you greet the child if collecting on foot or on return to vehicle. Depends upon age of children / whether holding hands etc.
  7. All staff / children MUST use hand sanitiser when out on school runs and wash hands thoroughly on return to their settings ASAP.
  8. All children MUST wash their hands thoroughly as soon as they enter settings – before play. This must be observed or supervised by the team – there should be no doubt regarding who has washed their hands properly and thoroughly!
  9. All car seats, door handles and steering wheel MUST be cleaned between each set of school runs – cleaning supplies provided in the cars. All cleaning supplies MUST be checked and replenished at the end of each day and again at the start of the next day before school collections commence.