BOTH Large Sandpit

Setting Group / Location Created by Date created
  • Large sandpit based in the Bumblinos Large Garden.
  • Large, fixed, wooden structure – smaller children may need to be assisted when entering and exiting sandpit.




  • Possible head injury to adults as ceiling sits low.
  • Ingestion/injury to eyes
  • Foreign objects screws, nails, animal mess, glass, rubbish etc making its way into sand and causing injury to child.
  • Children tripping when entering/exiting.
  • Sandpit should be covered each evening using large tarp and weighted down with logs – prevents animal contamination.
  • Sandpit should be thoroughly checked and raked before children enter to ensure no animal mess, bugs, stones etc.
  • Children supervised at all times – no sand thrown, tipped onto friends etc.
  • Adults to take care when moving around under shelter to avoid bumping head on timber.
  • Smaller children to be assisted when entering/exiting sandpit.
  • Children enjoy the sensory experience of the sand
  • Children can engage in free-play, using the sand how they choose.
  • Development is promoted through physical play and understanding concept of quantities.