Wood Work Workshop

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Bumbles at Rosetta
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What are the hazards / risks?

Access to tools and wooden parts

Who is at risk?

  1. Tools used inappropriately could hurt the child using them or other children nearby
  2. Spinters or cuts from raw wood and tools
  3. Sawdust could get in eyes
  4. Tools left unattended could be misused by other children not attending the woodwork session
  5. Tools left behind ie not tidied away at the end of the session


  1. Children are instructed in the appropriate use of tools and there is close supervision at all times
  2. Raw wood is checked for possible splinters and children are taught to check for themselves / Tools are checked before the session commences
  3. Children are advise regarding sawdust and not to blow it into each others way / goggles are available
  4. Tools should be in toolbox and insight of those supervising the sesssion
  5. At the end of the session those supervising check the surrounding area and that all tools have been tidied away appropriately
  1. Children learn to how to use tools appropriately
  2. Fine motor skills are enhanced as is phyiscal and cognitive development
  3. Children have the opportunity to create and express themselves through their creations
  4. Children are introduced to basic health and safety concepts  and begin to risk assess for themselves
  5. Opportunity to work as part of a team