Bumbles Pumpkin Patch 2023

Last Friday, we held our annual Bumbles Pumpkin Patch in celebration of Bumbles’ 30th Year in business! Bumbles Pumpkin Patch has become a special social occasion in our calendar. All of our Bumbles children, parents, team and their families are invited to join an evening of fun. The event is a great opportunity for everyone to mingle in a relaxed environment that our children know and see familiar faces and friends. This year, our seasonal event took place at Bumbles on the Hill.

Pumpkin Patch Preparation

The wet weather didn’t stop our busy preparations for the early evening event. Our back garden was transformed into a Farmer’s field with hay bales, wheelbarrows and Pumpkins galore (sourced through the very helpful Sam at the North Down Group). Our lovely Farmer friend Peter from last year returned with his John Deer tractor. This was an absolute highlight for some of our children!

By 5:30pm on Friday evening, the Castlereagh Hill witches had cast a dry spell over Bumbles on the Hill allowing everyone to soak up a brilliant atmosphere whilst thankfully staying dry!

“The Jumping Deer” Catering team made sure all of our guests had a warm drink in hand and plenty of treats.

Movie night in the Schoolhouse provided a warm and quiet space inside, with Monster’s Inc showing and cauldrons of popcorn being shared amongst friends.

Family Fancy Dress Winner

Huge effort went into some fantastic costumes and fancy dress by our parents and children. ‘The Adam’s Family’ especially stood out and are the winners of our Family Fancy Dress prize this year.

We hope everyone enjoyed Bumbles Pumpkin Patch this year. Thanks for coming!

Happy Halloween!