Bumbles Xtra Vision

Lights, camera, action! BumblesXtra Vision‘ is now open for all of our families to enjoy.

In Bumbles ‘Autumn Update’ to parents, we mentioned that we had collected an abundance of old DVDs from friends and family ready to take to the charity shop. Prior to them going to the charity shop, we thought we would bring back a bit of the ‘olden days’ for our children.

Using all free or reused materials, and a few added accessories from the local Strand Cinema we have created an exclusive corner in the Bumbles by the park Office this autumn to create Bumbles very own ‘DVD rental shop’ for our children to explore… and a sense of fun nostalgia for our parents. Life before streaming!

Available to all of our families, we hope the excitement of the weekend starts with a trip to Bumbles Xtra Vision to take home a family movie with the intent of enjoying some quality downtime over the weekend. We hope to encourage and teach responsibility with our children by having the opportunity to borrow a movie, to value choice and to enjoy a fun weekend family event at home.

We borrowed Monster’s Inc for our Pumpkin Patch in October and it is now back on the shelves for whoever might like to borrow it next.

We plan to have this available through to the end of 2023 and then will deliver the DVDs to the Charity shop at the start of next year.

Monster Inc Bumbles DVD library

Roll credits!

Bumbles Xtra Vision